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myACCESSHEALTH Terms and Conditions

To use myACCESSHEALTH you must agree to the below conditions:

• We will respond to your messages within three business days.
• Use of any threatening or foul language is not allowed and could result in loss of your myACCESSHEALTH rights.
• All messages sent through myACCESSHEALTH will be saved.

Age Restriction/Minor Eligibility
• You must be 18 years old to have a myACCESSHEALTH account.
• Parents or guardians may request access to their child’s medical record, but will have limited access when the child is between 12 and 18 years old. When the child is 18 years or older, parents will not have access to their child’s account.

Security and Privacy
• ACCESS does not share any medical information without your permission.
• ACCESS requires all myACCESSHEALTH users to keep their username and password private. You must inform ACCESS before you give another adult access to your myACCESSHEALTH account. If not, you will lose your myACCESSHEALTH rights.
• You must log in to myACCESSHEALTH to see any messages from your health center. No medical information will be sent via email. All personal health information will only be available through your myACCESSHEALTH account.

Web site Links
• myACCESSHEALTH will provide links to other sites for additional medical information. ACCESS is not responsible for any information on those sites.
• myACCESSHEALTH and these additional sites are not able to make diagnoses or treat medical problems. This is only something your doctor can do.

• myACCESSHEALTH is not for health emergencies. If you have an emergency call your ACCESS health center or 911.
• myACCESSHEALTH contains only a summary of your personal health record. Please ask your health center’s staff if you need your complete medical record.

Other important information
• ACCESS can help with any problems you may have when using myACCESSHEALTH. If you have a problem, you can contact us and we will respond within 48 hours.
• There may be times when you cannot access your myACCESSHEALTH account.
• Your myACCESSHEALTH account may be deactivated if you are dismissed from an ACCESS health center, or involved with any legal proceedings with ACCESS Community Health Network.
• These Terms and Conditions may change. If they do change, you will be told of any changes the next time you log in to your myACCESSHEALTH account.